Sexism In Punk / Articles To Read

It has been a little slow here at Team Reasonable headquarters. Mostly due to my busy schedule (and also my general feeling of awkwardness caused by the amount of traffic I have got since the “Emo Is Not Dead” shitstorm). There are some reviews coming up, maybe one this week. For sure the will be one next week. In the mean time, I want to direct you to a few things that are worth reading.

I Live Sweat is posting guest columns about sex and gender discrimination in the punk scene. They have two columns up at this time for that particular series. The first article is here. It was originally posted back in January. It was written by Lauren Denitzio of The Measure (SA). This particular article was quite polarizing. She has since done a follow up interview at Punknews about the subject. The second article is here. It was posted earlier this month. It was written by Mariel Loveland of Candy Hearts (a band I made the mistake of writing off, but have since become a Team Reasonable favourite).

Please check those out. As “progressive” as the punk scene likes to pretend it is, sexism and gender issues remain a big problem. As much as I try to avoid lame gender stereotyping, I am sure I am guilty of it at times as well (most embarrassingly in my P.S. Eliot review, which I keep meaning to rewrite).

So, read those articles. At least it is providing the punk scene a chance to discuss something useful for once, instead of the constant back and forth about what is/is not punk.


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