On Driftwood Records

We need to get predatory, unethical shitheads out of independent music. This whole Driftwood Records thing is just another example of how fucked up independent music can be, and we all can do so much better. Keep calling people out. There is no fucking space for intolerant people in our scenes. There is even less room for abusers.

I won’t be covering any more records put out by Driftwood Records. The three reviews I’ve done from bands on the label will stay up, but I’m going to remove the Driftwood store links. The bands deserve your support, even if the label doesn’t.

I don’t know too much about the situation, having just found about it all today. But, I want to mirror what Couch King had to say:

Dandy Eckert is a terrible human being and (to add suspicion) has recently deleted his and the label’s Facebook. No one should support any of his endeavors in any capacity from this point on. You can read a statement on the situation here (TW: assault, homophobia, transphobia).

Let’s keep our scenes free of this kind of stuff. Remember, we’re a community. From the kids at the shows, the bands on the stage, and those of us to cover it all.


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